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What is Arborist Insurance?

Working on trees can be both personally and financially rewarding work, but it comes with certain risks. In addition to potential injuries, tree service companies also have to prepare for possible liability and property perils. Arborist insurance helps tree service companies in Vermont protect themselves from an array of covered risks that they face.

Arborist insurance policies are specially designed commercial policies that uniquely meet the needs of tree service companies and professionals. These policies are usually package policies, which means they bundle multiple individual coverages together in order to provide strong protections.

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Arborist Insurance Vermont

What Sorts of Risks Do Tree Service Companies Face?

As mentioned, tree service companies and professionals in this line of work must be concerned about multiple potential risks. There’s a constant possibility of injury when working high up in trees with power tools, but injury to a worker is far from the only potential thing that can happen. For example, the following can also happen:

  • An employee causes an accident while driving to a job site
  • A thief steals tools left at a worksite during employees’ lunch break
  • A piece of equipment malfunctions and injures a passerby
  • An employee gives a customer inaccurate advice that results in financial loss

What Vermont Businesses is Tree Service Insurance Right For?

Broadly speaking, the majority of business that offers tree cutting or other tree services in Vermont ought to consider carrying tree service insurance. This generally includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to) companies that provide the following services:

  • Tree removal services
  • Tree trimming and pruning services
  • Tree pest management services
  • Municipal tree services
  • Landscaping or hardscaping services

Forgoing insurance often leaves these businesses dangerously exposed to possible risks.

Arborist Insurance Vermont

What Sorts of Protections Does Tree Service Insurance Offer?

As stated, tree service insurance policies typically come with several protections. Some of the more common coverages that policies frequently make available include:

In addition to these, policies often have other coverages that are available. Arborists can get help selecting the coverages that make sense for them by talking with an insurance agent who specializes in this kind of commercial insurance.

Do Arborist Policies Come with Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation is an important coverage that normally protects against work-related injuries and illnesses, and many tree service companies need the coverage. Whether workers compensation is procured through an arborist policy or by itself, however, varies from situation to situation. It may be included in an arborist policy or bought via a stand-alone policy that offers only the one protection.

How Can Tree Service Companies in Vermont Get Arborist Insurance?

For help insuring a tree service company in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents have the expertise necessary to help you find a policy with robust protections, and they have the freedom to show you available arborist insurance policy options from several insurers in the state.

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