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Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance Vermont

What is Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance isn’t only for doctors, but physician assistants can also benefit from having this coverage. Many insurance companies in Vermont offer physician assistant malpractice insurance policies.

Physician assistant malpractice insurance is a specialized type of professional liability insurance that’s designed for physician assistants. Like most professional liability policies, this coverage may help pay legal fees, settlements and/or judgements in the event of a covered malpractice claim.

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Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance Vermont

Who in Vermont Needs PA Malpractice Insurance?

Most clinically practicing physician assistants in Vermont should carry PA malpractice insurance. Any physician assistant could potentially be named in a lawsuit, and the legal fees alone can be quite expensive if no coverage is in place.

Importantly, this insurance shouldn’t be confused with other medical malpractice policies that are designed for other providers. Doctors, nurses and other medical providers who aren’t physician assistants usually should look for a malpractice policy that’s specifically tailored to their level of medical care.

Does Purchasing PA Malpractice Insurance Increase the Risk of Being Sued?

The idea that purchasing malpractice insurance increases the likelihood of being sued is generally a myth.

The status of a physician assistant’s malpractice coverage is usually considered confidential information, so patients shouldn’t know about the coverage unless the physician assistant shares that information or the patient files a lawsuit. Often, patients don’t know whether a medical provider has their own insurance until after a malpractice lawsuit is filed.

Thus, purchasing PA malpractice insurance normally shouldn’t increase the risk of facing a lawsuit. After all, the insurance is designed to decrease this risk by providing protection against any covered lawsuits that are filed.

Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance Vermont

Do Physician Assistants Receive Malpractice Coverage From Their Employer?

Physician assistants who are salaried employees often receive at least some malpractice insurance coverage from their employer, but this coverage isn’t always sufficient. An employer’s policy may not have limits that are as high as a physician assistant would like, and the limits of an employer’s policy could be exhausted if a major lawsuit is filed against the employer or multiple employees. Additionally, most employer policies won’t cover work that’s done elsewhere.

Because of these limitations, physician assistants might want to purchase their own PA malpractice insurance even if they have some coverage through an employer.

Physician assistants who do work as independent contractors are often less likely to receive coverage through a hiring organization, but they sometimes may. In many cases, nurses who work as independent contractors should purchase their own malpractice policies.

An insurance agent who specializes in physician assistant malpractice policies can help physician assistants evaluate their employer-provided coverage and make an informed decision on whether to purchasing a PA malpractice policy.

What Does Physician Assistant Malpractice Coverage Protect Against?

Exactly what a physician assistant malpractice policy protects against depends on the policy’s specific terms and conditions. Policies generally will protect against a range of mistakes and errors that physician assistants might unintentionally make, though. Most policies exclude negligence that arises from illegal conduct, factual misrepresentations or sexual improprieties.

An insurance agent can explain the details of a particular insurance policy’s protections when reviewing coverages and other details of the policy.

How Can PAs in Vermont Get Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance?

For help finding physician assistant malpractice insurance in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents can help you explore policy options from multiple insurance companies in the state since we’re an independent agency, and we have the expertise necessary to help you determine which policy best meets your needs. With our assistance, you can be confident in your insurance coverage selection.

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