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What is bus insurance?

Passenger buses transport more people than almost any other type of non-military vehicle, and transporting so many people presents unique insurance considerations. Bus insurance is adapted to provide sufficient coverage for transporting many passengers, and can provide Vermont-based bus operators with the robust protections they need.

Bus insurance is specialized commercial vehicle coverage that’s designed for passenger buses. Policies typically come with high limits for passenger injuries, so multiple passengers can be covered.

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Bus Insurance Vermont

What businesses in Vermont need a bus policy?

Any Vermont business that operates one or more buses probably should have a bus policy. Charter bus companies, cities and school districts frequently purchase these policies. Nonprofits and colleges might also need a policy, if they have passenger buses.

What coverages can bus operators get through these insurance policies?

In order to provide the multiple protections that bus operators need, bus policies typically come with multiple insurance coverages. Some of these are state-mandated, while others are voluntary options. Most bus operators choose more coverages than the state’s minimum requirements.

Some of the most common coverages that bus operators need or should consider are:

  • Personal Injury Protection, which usually covers injuries that a bus’ passengers and driver might sustain
  • Medical Payments Coverage, which usually covers medical costs arising from passenger and driver injuries
  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which usually covers injuries to other vehicle’s passengers and pedestrians
  • Comprehensive Coverage, which usually covers damage that a bus might sustain outside of a vehicle accident
  • Collision Coverage, which usually covers damage that a bus might sustain during an accident with other vehicles
  • Uninsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which usually covers accidents with other drivers who have inadequate insurance

Personal injury protection is often simply referred to as “PIP.” An insurance agent who specializes in bus policies can explain this and all other coverages in greater detail.

Bus Insurance Vermont

Are employee injuries covered by bus policies?

Whether a bus policy extends coverage to employee injuries depends on multiple factors, including the policy’s terms and the injury’s specifics. Injuries might be covered if they’re caused by a vehicle accident, or another coverage may be needed. For instance, occupational accident coverage and workers compensation protect against employee injuries in different situations.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can discuss how potential employee injuries might be covered by a bus policy or other insurance policy.

Can businesses insure passenger vans with bus policies?

Although bus policies often have all of the coverages that passenger vans require, bus policies are also apt to have coverages that vans don’t necessitate. For this reason, purchasing a bus policy may be overkill (and more expensive) if insuring just a van.

A passenger van insurance policy is likely a better option if insuring these smaller vehicles. Businesses that aren’t certain which policy type best suits their vehicles can discuss the two options with an experienced insurance agent.

What do school districts need to consider when purchasing school bus insurance policies?

When selecting a school bus insurance policy, districts should consider the potential cost of an accident. This could be extremely high if a bus full of kids is injured. Accordingly, the personal injury protection limits for school bus insurance policies normally should be quite high.

Again, a knowledgeable insurance agent can provide assistance. They’ll be able to explain the various costs that’d be associated with a major accident, and help districts calculate what limits they should select for PIP and other coverages.

How can bus operators in Vermont get bus insurance?

For help purchasing standard bus insurance or school bus insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our Vermont agents will work closely with you to determine your business or organization’s specific coverage needs, and then we’ll show you several policies that meet those needs. With our assistance, you can select the best bus policy for your business.

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