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Massage Therapy Insurance Vermont

What is Massage Therapy Insurance?

Massage therapists make substantial investments in both their businesses and themselves, and those investments should be protected when it’s possible to do so. Massage therapy insurance policies offer therapists in Vermont protection from a variety of covered risks.

Massage therapy insurance policies are commercial policies that have been tailored to meet the needs of massage therapists and their businesses. Most of these policies are underwritten as package policies, and therapists normally can choose precisely which coverages are included in their policy.

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“Friendly and prompt – I have been with T.S Peck for many years and have no complaints with their trusted service. They have always taken a friendly approach to their craft and are always willing to answer all of my questions!”

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“Jake Hynes and the folks at T.S. Peck have been awesome to work with! As a recent start-up, we were new to the “buying business insurance” scene. One phone call and all our concerns were laid to rest. The service has been great and the prices are very competitive. We recently price shopped again and found we were still in the best hands!”
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Massage Therapy Insurance Vermont

What Vermont Professionals Need Massage Insurance?

The vast majority of professionals who offer massage services in Vermont ought to carry massage insurance. This includes masseuses and massage therapists who offer any type of massage. Not being insured leaves people susceptible to risk, and this is typically the most appropriate type of insurance when giving massages.

Businesses that offer other services in addition to massages usually need the coverages that are included in a massage policy but may also need other protections. In these situations, an informed insurance agent who’s familiar with massage policies can provide advice as to what type of insurance is most appropriate. Sometimes a massage policy is sufficient, but other times a day spa or other policy is more appropriate.

Do Massage Therapists Who Work as Employees Need Their Own Insurance?

Many massage therapists who work as employees of a business receive insurance coverage through their employer, but not all do. Before assuming that an employer’s policy is suitable, therapists should review any coverage that their employer does offer with an experienced agent. Only after reviewing an employer’s coverage can therapists make an informed decision as to whether they need their own policy.

When therapists do receive coverage through their employer, they still need to make sure that all of the work they do is covered. Most employer policies apply to work that’s done for the employer but not any additional massage services. If therapists moonlight on their own, that activity likely won’t be covered by an employer’s policy and a separate policy for this side work usually ought to be purchased.

Do Massage Students Need Their Own Insurance?

Most schools that offer massage therapist training programs have insurance coverage that extends to their students. As is typically the case with employer-provided policies, policies from schools normally only give coverage for services given as part of a training program. Free massages to friends and gig work generally aren’t covered by a school.

What Protections Are Available Through Massage Insurance Policies?

While the exact list of protections that a massage insurance policy offers can vary some, many policies make the following coverages available to professionals and businesses that want them:

  • General Liability Coverage, which often covers basic accidents resulting in third-party injury or property damage
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which often covers errors in work that result in injury or damage
  • Product Liability Coverage, which often covers products that cause injury or damage
  • Rental Damage Coverage, which often covers rented equipment against damage
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage, which often covers business-owned equipment in the event of theft
Massage Therapy Insurance Vermont

How Can Vermont Massage Therapists Get Quotes for Massage Therapy Insurance?

If you work as a massage therapist or own a massage business in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents can get you quotes from different insurance companies since we’re independent, and our team has the expertise necessary to help you thoroughly evaluate each option to identify the best one. With our assistance, you can be confident that your massage therapy insurance is affordable yet provides solid coverage.


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