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What is Dog Walker Insurance?

Dog walking can be a fun and profitable career, but the work comes with some inherent risks.  Caring for other people’s pets is a significant responsibility, and anything can happen when dealing with even well-trained animals. Dog walker insurance generally offers Vermont residents who do this type of work with several important protections against risks they’re exposed to.

Dog walker insurance policies are specialized commercial policies, for dog walking is technically a business. Most of these policies come as package policies that bundle coverages together so they can provide a diverse range of protections.

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Dog Walker Insurance Vermont

Who in Vermont Should Have a Dog Walking Insurance Policy?

Regardless of how small or large their client list may be, most people in Vermont who walk dogs for compensation ought to carry a dog walking insurance policy. Although large, established businesses often have greater risk exposure than smaller ones, almost any business can suffer a devastating loss or be found responsible for an accident.

Some specific examples of people and businesses that may benefit from the protections this type of insurance provides include:

  • Business owners who have dog walking businesses with employees
  • Self-employed dog walkers who do this full- or part-time
  • Individuals who walk dogs occasionally or on the side

Moreover, anyone getting into this line of work should contact an insurance agent who specializes in dog walking insurance before taking on their first client. It’s generally a good idea to have insurance in place prior to walking any dog, just in case something goes wrong on that initial walk. A knowledgeable agent can help with finding a policy in a timely manner.

Is Dog Walking Insurance Necessary When Walking Dogs for Family or Friends?

Dog walking insurance usually isn’t necessary when people walk dogs for framily or friends, and don’t receive compensation in exchange for the favor. This tends to fall under the domain of personal insurance, and personal policies that offer liability coverage for this type of activity are normally readily available.

If money or other compensation is paid in exchange for walking services, however, the walking might be considered commercial activity and a dog walking policy could be necessary. This is sometimes true even if it’s a close family member or friend paying for the dog walking services.

Dog Walker Insurance Vermont

What Coverages Do Dog Walker Policies Come With?

As is the case with most insurance policies, the exact coverages that a particular dog walker policy offers can vary. Nevertheless, there are many protections that policies frequently make available:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might protect against common accidents resulting in injury to another or damage to another’s property
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which might protect against errors and mistakes made in a professional’s work
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might protect against accidents caused while driving for business-related purposes
  • Animal Bailee Coverage, which might protect against the injury or death of a dog while it’s in a business’ care
  • Loss Key Coverage, which might protect against the loss of a client’s keys and pay to rekey their home if this happens

Do Dog Walkers Need to Have Workers Compensation Coverage?

Dog walking businesses that have employees generally need to carry workers compensation coverage in case their employees are injured on the job. Self-employed dog walkers might not be legally required to carry this protection, but it can be useful if a person’s health insurance plan excludes work-related injuries (which some do).

Workers compensation isn’t always purchased through a dog walker policy when it’s needed, though. While it may be obtained as a coverage within a package policy in some situations, it’s frequently bought by itself in a stand-alone policy.

How Can Vermont Dog Walkers Get Dog Walker Insurance?

For help finding dog walker insurance in Vermont, contact the insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our independent agents can get you quotes for policies from several insurance companies, and we’ll be happy to review each quote with you so that you know which offers the best available coverage.

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