In-ground swimming pools add a dimension to summer fun and activities. They’re great for water aerobics, cooling off, parties and relaxing, and they’re just a few steps away in your backyard. Getting an in-ground pool also, however, increases your risk exposure. If you’re having an in-ground swimming pool installed in your Vermont home’s yard this summer, you’ll want to make sure your homeowners insurance provides full liability coverage for the pool.

Homeowners Insurance Vermont

Before You Have an In-Ground Pool Installed in Your Home’s Yard, Check Your Homeowners Insurance

Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Prior to letting a swimming pool contractor break ground on your new pool, review your homeowners insurance policy to find out what current coverage you have. Many Vermont home insurance policies can provide coverage for swimming pools, but coverages, limits and exclusions can vary from one policy to the next. Some policies don’t offer coverage or only offer limited coverage for pools.

When reviewing your policy, pay particular attention to the liability coverages it has. Liability coverage offers protection against covered lawsuits that accuse the policyholder of being responsible for property damage or injury. You may find that your home insurance policy’s liability coverage:

  • Already includes plenty of protection for your new pool
  • Covers your pool but has limits that are lower than you’d like
  • Doesn’t cover your pool but offers coverage as an optional add-on
  • Doesn’t cover your pool and doesn’t offer optional coverage
  • Covers your pool but requires that you take certain precautionary measures 

Adjust Your Homeowners Policy If Necessary

If your policy doesn’t provide all (or any) of the protection you’d like but offers optional coverage, adjust its coverages to meet your needs. Your insurance agent can help you determine what changes can be made to the policy and make any changes you’d like to.

Homeowners Insurance Vermont

Take Any Required Precautionary Measures

Even after bolstering any coverages that were insufficient, you might still have to take precautionary measures that help prevent pool-related accidents. If you fail to take any measures stipulated by your policy, your home insurance coverage may be jeopardized.

Many insurance companies consider swimming pools to be “attractive nuisances.” Attractive nuisances are things that could attract a child and post a danger to unsupervised children. Some other attractive nuisances are trampolines, man-made ponds, and certain farm equipment.

Swimming pools are commonly put into this category because children are naturally attracted to water, and pool accidents can result in injuries or drowning. To reduce the risk of children becoming injured or drowning while unsupervised, your insurer may require you to take some measures that make it harder for children to access your pool without adult assistance. For example, your policy might require you to:

  • Install a fence of a specific height around your pool
  • Install an automatic safety cover on your pool
  • Post a sign near the pool
  • Keep safety equipment readily accessible

(These are just some examples of what you may be required to do when installing a pool.)

Homeowners Insurance Vermont

Ask an Insurance Agent in Vermont for Help

For help reviewing your current homeowners insurance policy and making any required changes, contact an independent insurance agent who serves Vermont. In addition to helping you ensure your policy is set up to insure a swimming pool, they can also let you know if the policy calls for any precautionary measures. Additionally, an independent agent can compare your current home insurance policy with those offered by other insurers to make sure you’re getting the best possible coverage.