In today’s digital world, Burlington, VT businesses need to be careful of what they post online. They also need to insure themselves against potential lawsuits related to what they post. If you have a business that publishes blog posts or social media updates, a general liability insurance policy’s advertising injury coverage may provide your company with the protection it needs.

General Liability Insurance Burlington VT

In a Digital Age, General Liability Insurance’s Advertising Injury Coverage Can Still Help Protect Burlington, VT Businesses

The Protections of Advertising Injury Coverage

Advertising injury coverage is included in many general liability insurance policies as a standard coverage. While specific protections vary, the coverage is generally designed to protect businesses from claims of libel, slander, or copyright infringement related to the advertisements that a company publishes.

If your business is sued over an advertisement it places, and the specifics of the suit met the coverage requirements of your policy, advertising injury coverage could help pay any legal fees or settlements your company is faced with. (The particular legal fees and settlement payments that your company would be covered for would depend on the terms of the advertising injury coverage in your company’s general liability policy.)

Coverage Often Extends to Digital Advertisements

In many cases, coverage isn’t limited to print, radio, and television advertisements. Many general liability policies today extend their advertising injury coverage to include online advertisements. Pay-per-click ads may be the most obvious form of online advertisement, but blog posts and social media updates are also usually considered covered forms of online advertisements.

Coverage for Online Advertisements is Essential

Thus, advertising injury coverage will often provide protection against libel and copyright infringement cases filed over online blog posts and social media updates. For businesses that use these in their marketing strategy (which is most businesses in and around Burlington, VT), this coverage can be extremely valuable.

Businesses that post online often put up a lot of content, sometimes posting multiple times just in one day. Even when precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of posts, the possibility of accidently saying something bad about a competitor or quoting someone without giving them credit can’t be completely eliminated. With advertising injury coverage, though, businesses have an additional layer of protection if an employee does make a mistake.

Contact a General Liability Insurance Agent in Burlington, VT

If you don’t know whether your company is insured against libel and copyright infringement suits, contact an insurance agent in Burlington who specializes in general liability insurance. They’ll be able to review the advertising injury coverage in your business’ policy to see what protections your company has. If the current coverage is insufficient, an agent will be able to help you find better coverage either through a rider or a different general liability policy.