Burlington, Vermont has long, harsh winters that can take a toll on houses. Snow and ice pose threats during the cold months of winter, and snow melt can cause problems once the weather warms up in spring. If you have a house in this far north in Vermont, make sure your homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for these potential winter hazards.

Homeowners Insurance Burlington, VT

Find Out If Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Protects Your Burlington, VT House Against These Winter Hazards

Liability Coverage Against Falls on Ice

Ice often makes walking on driveways and walkways treacherous. Even if you put salt out religiously, someone may still slip and fall while going to or from your front door — especially if any elderly adults, who sometimes have reduced mobility and balance, come to visit.

If someone slips and falls on your property, you may be held liable for the incident. You might be required to pay for any medical expenses related to injuries that occurred during the fall.

Liability coverage can help protect you from such potential expenses. While exact coverages vary from policy to policy, many homeowners insurance policies include liability coverage that covers falls like the one described above. To find out whether your home insurance covers falls caused by ice, read through the terms and conditions of its liability coverage.

Homeowners Insurance Burlington, VT

Dwelling Coverage for Snow and Ice Damage to Your Roof

Over the course of a Burlington, VT winter, a lot of snow and ice can accumulate on your home’s roof. Snow and ice are deceivingly heavy, and the weight may become too much for your home’s roof if they aren’t cleared from it.

Your home insurance policy’s dwelling coverage might provide protection for roof collapses that snow and ice cause. Some policies do, but others don’t. Your policy’s dwelling coverage section will detail whether your roof is insured against collapse. 

Even if you clear snow and ice from your roof regularly, it’s often still a good idea to have this coverage. You never know when a nor’easter may come through and dump several feet of snow. If you’re on vacation or traveling for holidays, you may not be home to rake the snow off.

Flood Coverage for Flooding Caused by Snowmelt

Once winter is over, runoff from snowmelt from Vermont’s mountains can cause flooding in certain parts of valleys, especially if a bad rainstorm comes through when a bunch of snow is melting. Depending on where your house is located, it might be at risk of being flooded.

Homeowners Insurance Burlington, VT

Most homeowners policies don’t include flood coverage, although a few may. If your home is in a flood-prone lot, check your home insurance policy’s paperwork to see if flood coverage is included. If it’s not, you may have to get it as an add-on coverage, through a different home insurance policy or via a standalone flood insurance policy.

Ask an Agent in Burlington, VT for Help Reviewing Your Homeowners Insurance

If you’d like help reviewing your homeowners insurance policy to see what converges it does and doesn’t include, contact an independent insurance agent in Burlington, VT. An agent will be able to look your policy over, and they can help you fill in any gaps that it might have.