Restaurant insurance policies, like lots of insurance policies, often have multiple coverages that define what the policy will and won’t protect the policyholder against. One coverage that many restaurant policies offer either as a standard or optional coverage is off-premises coverage. If you run one of the pizzerias in Waterbury, VT, this extended coverage may help keep your company best protected so you and your employees can flourish.

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Your Waterbury, VT Pizzeria May Need a Restaurant Insurance Policy That Has Off-Premises Coverage

Off-Premises Coverage Extends Protection Beyond Your Pizzeria’s Property

Off-premises coverage is pretty much just what it sounds like. It’s designed to extend a restaurant insurance policy’s protections beyond the restaurant’s premises. Without this coverage, a policy’s protections may be limited to only incidents that occur on a restaurant’s actual property.

A standard restaurant policy, for example, might cover a fire caused by a heating lamp that’s in the restaurant’s kitchen. If the same restaurant is serving food at a different location, though, a policy that doesn’t include off-premises coverage might not cover a fire that’s caused by a heat lamp because it’s off of the restaurant’s property. A policy that does have off-premises coverage might cover such an incident.

Often, the exact protections that off-premises coverage provides differ slightly from the on-premises protections that the policy affords. Even when the exact protections are a little different, however, off-premises coverage gives restaurants that serve patrons in other location important protections.

Your Pizzeria May Need Off-Premises Coverage

Most of the restaurants that need off-premises coverage fall into one of two categories. They’re either caterers, or they offer delivery.

Assuming your pizzeria in Waterbury offers delivery, like most pizzerias do, it falls into the latter category. Although you may not cater events, your establishment still serves patrons off of its premises — and it needs insurance coverage for accidents that might occur when serving these customers.

Restaurant Insurance Agents in Waterbury, VT Can Help You Find Coverage

If your pizzeria doesn’t currently have off-premises coverage, contact a local independent insurance agent that helps restaurants find insurance policies. They’ll be able to get several quotes on off-premises coverage for you so that you don’t pay any more than you have to for this additional, important coverage.

When talking to an insurance agent, don’t just ask about off-premises coverage. Take time to explain the many aspects of what your Waterbury pizzeria does. Going over your pizzeria’s operations will help the agent you’re working with understand your business and its insurance needs. They’ll then be able to help you determine what restaurant insurance coverages your pizzeria needs, which might include off-permises coverage as well as other coverages.