Residents of South Burlington, Vermont are generally required to carry car insurance if they want to take their vehicles on Vermont’s roads. Residents who have cars, however, aren’t the only drivers who may need auto insurance. Even if you don’t own a vehicle, you may still want an auto policy — a non-owner auto policy. Here’s why:

Car Insurance South Burlington, VT

Why Drivers May Want Car Insurance Even If They Don’t Own a Vehicle

Non-Owner Car Insurance Provides Liability Coverage

A non-owner auto policy is a special form of car insurance that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of Vermont drivers who don’t have vehicles. As is the case with all insurance policies, the exact coverages that non-owner auto policies provide can vary. Most, however, primarily provide liability coverage.

Liability coverage comes in various forms, but it generally protects drivers from accidents and incidents that they’re held accountable for. The liability coverages included in non-driver auto policies often cover policyholders for any damage they cause to other people’s property (which may include the vehicle they’re driving) and any injuries they cause to other people (which might include passengers in the vehicle with them, people in other vehicles and pedestrians).

Car Insurance South Burlington, VT

Other Insurance Policies’ Protections Can Vary

In most scenarios, drivers who are operating vehicles they don’t own still have at least some liability coverage. For instance, ride-sharing services often provide a basic insurance policy, and drivers who use friends or family members’ are often covered by their friends or family members’ policies.

The amount of coverage that these policies provide, however, can vary. For instance, ride-sharing services that have vehicles in South Burlington, VT may only offer basic coverage — coverage that meets Vermont’s minimum requirements but doesn’t give drivers robust protection — in order to reduce the company’s operating expenses. Additionally, friends and family members might not have the same coverages and limits that a driver borrowing their vehicle would like. 

Even worse, a driver using another person’s vehicle might not actually have any coverage. If a friend or family member neglects to pay their premium, their policy may be canceled. This is uncommon, but it’s a major problem if it happens because a driver who borrows their vehicle could be uninsured. Driving a vehicle without insurance on Vermont’s public roads is both illegal and leaves the driver dangerously exposed to potential liability lawsuits.

A South Burlington, VT Agent Can Help Get You Your Own Coverage

Because the protections offered by others’ insurance policies can vary, you may want to secure your own auto insurance coverage. If you regularly use a car-sharing service, a non-driver auto policy might be able to serve as a secondary policy that offers extra protection. If you drive friends and family members’ vehicles, a policy can help ensure you have the protections you want regardless of your friends and family members’ decisions regarding their own auto insurance policies.

For help finding a non-driver auto insurance policy, contact one of the independent insurance agents in South Burlington, VT who help drivers with car insurance. Most agents who help drivers find auto policies will be able to help you find a non-driver auto policy that suits your needs. An independent agent will also be able to compare many insurers’ policies, making sure you get one that has affordable premiums.