For contractors in South Burlington, Vermont, insurance is a necessary cost. Not only does it provide protection from a number of potential liabilities, but it’s also often required to get jobs. While there’s no way of avoiding paying premiums for a contractors policy, there are ways to save on contractors insurance. If you’re a contractor in the area, here are four ways you may be able to reduce how much your company pays for insurance.

South Burlington Contractors Insurance

South Burlington, Vermont Contractors Can Save on Contractors Insurance with These 4 Tips

1. Improve On-site Safety

Taking steps to improve onsite safety minimizes the risk of an accident. Not only is this a good thing for anyone who walks through your company’s sites, but it also reduces your insurer’s risk exposure. People are less likely to get hurt, and you’re less likely to need to file a liability claim against your contractors insurance. In return, your insurer may offer your company a discount.

Not every insurance company offers discounts for improving onsite safety, but a number do. Those that do often offer discounts for specific actions that make sites safer. To find out whether your insurer offers discounts, and what they offer discounts for if they do provide them, contact your company’s insurance agent.

2. Take Theft-Deterring Steps

Similar to improving onsite safety, taking theft-deterring steps also reduces how much risk your company’s insurer is exposed to. When it’s harder for thieves to steal materials or equipment, or for vandals to break or deface items, your company is less likely to suffer a loss and file a commercial claim.

As is the case with onsite safety, whether your company will receive any discounts for taking theft-deterring steps will depend on your company’s insurer. Not all insurers offer discounts, but many do provide discounts for specific actions that make sites and property more secure.

3. Bundle Policies Together

Just as individuals can often save by bundling personal insurance policies together, companies in South Burlington can often also save money by purchasing multiple commercial insurance policies from the same insurer. In many cases, the savings are substantial and can add up to a significant percentage off of the standard premiums for policies.

For contractors, multi-policy discounts are often some of the easiest discounts to get. It doesn’t require doing anything to your property or a site you’re working. All you have to usually do is get more than one policy from the same insurer. Since contractors typically need several different policies, this is a real savings opportunity (where available).

4. Talk to an Independent Contractors Insurance Agent in South Burlington

Talking with an independent agent who offers contractors insurance to South Burlington-based contractors is probably one of the best ways to save on insurance. An independent agent can help you with the above three tips, and they can compare the price of your company’s current insurance to the premiums offered by other insurers. One quick conversation could help you get the lowest-priced insurance and the biggest discounts.